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The present volume wants to represent Pre-Romanesque and Early Romanesque architecture in Dalmatia. Among all Croatian regions, Dalmatia has the longest urban, artistic and civil traditions, and with respect to the Early Medieval period it stands out due to both the quality of prominent examples of the Pre-Romanesque and Early Romanesque architecture and sculpture, but also with the quantity of both well-preserved buildings and remains.
On the basis of such a corpus, this first volume synthesises hitherto barely examined issues of Early Medieval urban planning, inadequately preserved and incomparably less researched residential architecture; its presents typological, morphological and chronological classifications of church architecture, which is observed with respect to the liturgical demands of that period; and it summarises the period’s architectural and ornamental characteristics. In addition, in a separate chapter this volume places the Pre-Romanesque and Early Romanesque architecture of Dalmatia in the wider framework of the Early Middle Ages in Europe.
In terms of cultural heritage research as an everlasting process, no paper on this subject, not even a book of this size, can offer a final conclusive analysis of the architecture and art of a certain period, but must be seen to comprise only a smaller or larger step forward in ongoing research. In that sense of contributing to an ongoing program of research, this work offers a comprehensive bibliography and chronological tables which present Early Medieval architecture in relation to the most significant European historical events and buildings of the period.
This volume contains 512 pages with 448 illustrations: 195 drawings, 45 maps and 208 photos.

ISBN 978-953-163-442-7